The need for accurate recording of events

Perhaps the top 10 most important documents in American history:

1) The Declaration of Independence
2) The U.S. Constitution
3) The Bill of Rights
4) The Louisiana Purchase Treaty
5) The Emancipation Proclamation
6) The 19th Amendment to the Constitution
7) The 13th Amendment to the Constitution
8) The Gettysburg Address
9) The Civil Rights Act
10) The Social Security Act

We are grateful to those who took the challenge to record these documents for posterity. Where would we be without documentation?

Express Document Service, Inc. documents for many reasons – and in many forms:

Our transcripts become records of testimonies to truth, historical events, instructional manuals, patient narratives, cultural records, legal, factual/fictional, and predictive documents for posterity.

Our photographic works include: Still life/ product photography, raster to vector conversions  – digital document restoration, digital retouching, photo sessions, restaurant /food photography, corporate portrait photography, agriculture/horticulture photography, architecture/buildings photography, animal and nature photography. See gallery photos.